BTS’s J-Hope Made Bracelets For The Members And The Charms He Picked Couldn’t Have Been More Fitting

Friendship bracelets!

On May 14, BTS’s J-Hope turned on a live stream for another round of arts and crafts.

For the next hour, he worked on making handmade bracelets for each of the members using cute charms that match the members’ image.

He warned fans in advance to only watch the live stream if they were bored because they might get frustrated at his bracelet-making skills.

His first bracelet was for Jimin, which he made with yellow beads, smiley faces, and a cute charm that looks like Chimmy.

He moves onto Suga next and uses a monochromatic theme to match his simple style.

The last bracelet he made for this live stream was for RM, made with blue and white beads, and a cute koala charm.

Although some of the bracelets were either too small or too big, J-Hope was happy to have made a present for the other members. He plans on returning with a live session part two of him making the other members’ bracelets too!

Here is a closer look at the charms he chose for Jimin, Suga, and RM. Aren’t the animals so fitting for each of the members?

Fans were also able to see in the box the charms that J-Hope had picked out for the other members as well, including a polar bear for V and a bunny for Jungkook.

Just after his live stream, ‘hobi’ became trending worldwide on Twitter, showing the power of J-Hope and BTS.

Overall, it seemed like J-Hope had a fun time communicating with fans while doing a fun craft to give to the members.

It’s not the first time J-Hope has thought about the members as he is known for gifting presents to them often! He truly values the members’ friendship and is not afraid to express them through gifts, actions, and words.

Watch the full live stream below!