J-Hope Protected Jimin From Danger At The Gwangju Super Concert

His quick thinking prevented what could have been a serious accident.

J-Hope became Jimin‘s real-life “Anpanman” at the SBS Inkigayo Super Concert.


In celebration of the Gwangju 2019 FINA World ChampionshipBTS, performed in J-Hope’s hometown, Gwangju. They shared the stage with nine other talented artists for the SBS Inkigayo Super Concert. 


At the show, BTS performed four of their smash hits: “DNA”, “IDOL”, “Boy With Luv”, and “Make It Right”.


During “DNA”, pyrotechnics lit up the venue with showers of golden sparks that went on and off along the stage’s edge. When J-Hope noticed Jimin walking dangerously close to the sparks, he ran to Jimin and pulled him out of the way.


Once Jimin was safe, J-Hope stayed a step behind him, keeping an eye out for any more dangers.


Like the “Anpanman” lyrics say, there’s “a new superhero” — and his name is J-Hope!



Check out all four of BTS’s incredible performances here:


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