BTS’s J-Hope Rarely Gets Upset…But Once Almost Got Angry At Jimin

One of the few times that J-Hope nearly got angry.

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for his shining personality, and ability to put a smile on anyone’s face.

J-Hope has also shown his close bond with Jimin, and they consider each other as family.

There was one incident where J-Hope nearly lost his cool to Jimin. It begins with J-Hope wanting to play a simple card game, where if Jimin selects a joker in 5 tries, then he’ll become Jimin’s dongsaeng.

Jimin accepts the game and gives J-Hope quite the scare with his first card reveal.

J-Hope was in for quite the shock once Jimin revealed that he had selected a joker card.

Jimin started teasing J-Hope by immediately, talking to him in informal tones. J-Hope was visibly upset and even threw some cards at Jimin, with a scary smile on his face.

Jimin kept teasing J-Hope, and he couldn’t help but listen to Jimin’s requests now.

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh whenever J-Hope started to look upset.

Suga and Jin gave some “great” advice to Jimin and told him that you usually need to curse at your dongsaengs.

V also tried to join in on the fun, but J-Hope was quick to approach him.

J-Hope explains his disappointment and wanted to left alone, but Jimin kept joking with him.

Jimin only kept up this behavior for a short time and eventually gave in to J-Hope’s request.

Here is the full video below!