BTS’s J-Hope And His Sister Are Sibling Goals As They Prepare A Special Gift For Parent’s Day

Sibling goals!

In Korea, May 8 is Parent’s Day and BTS’s J-Hope and his sister (Jung Da Won) have already prepared a touching gift for their mom and dad. Recently on J-Hope’s sister’s Instagram, she posted a photo and message on that revealed the siblings’ gift for their parents.

The photo revealed a beautiful flower box filled with money along with a card.

In order to celebrate Parent’s Day, this is what your son and I prepared for you guys. It was a good choice to request this flower box from Heyoon. She is so thoughtful. There are two 5 man won (~$50 USD) bills rolled together for each row so there’s an equal amount for both of you! (In order to be fair, your son and I each saved up half the amount).

Fans found it adorable that his older sister referred to J-Hope as “son” in the message as they revealed their close bond. Some however, were a bit confused as to why he called him “son” and so she cleared things up in an Instagram story. The question asked “Do you have a son? I’m looking at the questions and there’s things about a son?” His sister gave a response, “Huh? No no no! I still haven’t even gotten married. “Son” is referring to that person that all of you know about..I am talking about the second sibling of our house. Please don’t misunderstand.”

The box contained a total of 200 man won (~$1631.55 USD), meaning each sibling prepared 100 man won for the gift. Below is another posted by his sister that showcased their gift.

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J-Hope is known to be a wonderful son who is also known for gifting his parents a luxury apartment, so preparing gifts like this comes naturally to him and his sister. J-Hope and his sister also have a great sibling bond that many fans find super adorable. He was seen recently wearing a necklace his sister gifted him and had fans UWUing over his cuteness.