BTS’s J-Hope Was “Surprised” When He Met An ARMY At A Fansign, Here’s Why

Suga experienced something similar to J-Hope!

BTS sometimes gets surprised during fansigns, and J-Hope was quite surprised when he met one ARMY (BTS’s fandom name) at a fansign.

BTS’s J-Hope

At the fansign, J-Hope was surprised when he met an ARMY who was born in 2008!

| The Blue Star/YouTube

J-Hope “couldn’t believe it ” as the ARMY was 11 years old!

| The Blue Star/YouTube

Not only was J-Hope laughing while talking about how young this ARMY was, but the other ARMYs in attendance could be heard laughing as well!

| The Blue Star/YouTube

This isn’t the only time something like this had happened, as Suga once got surprised during a live broadcast when an ARMY told him that they were born in 2006!

Here’s the full video below!