BTS’s J-Hope Teaches TXT’s Hueningkai How To Win Over Fans And It Works Perfectly

He was a proud dad.

TXT were preparing to meet their sunbaes BTS for an episode of their reality show One Dream.TXT, when J-Hope spotted them in the hallway.

He noticed that Hueningkai was wearing a bag and checked to see if anything was inside.

Then, he said he was their mentor and instructed Hueningkai that the bag held fan’s love.

When TXT and BTS greeted each other, BTS asked what was in the bag. That’s when J-Hope stood up and confidently asked Hueningkai directly. So, Hueningkai put a twist on what J-Hope had told him: fan’s hearts.

BTS cracked up at the unexpected answer and J-Hope congratulated him for doing well.

If BTS could be won over, so could fans. Watch the cute moment between them here.