BTS’s Jimin Is Becoming A Popular Muse For Artists In Europe

There is now art based of Jimin.

BTS‘s Jimin is becoming a muse for numerous artists in Europe, specifically in France and England.

Last March, an exhibition was held in Paris, France and London, England that featured a sculpture of Jimin! The ImagineFX digital arts magazine covered the work, and it turns out it was created by artist Lee.K with plaster and other numerous materials.

Most sculptures feature Greek and Roman gods and heroes, but Jimin stood out from other works and was well-received by those who saw it.

Lee.K has made numerous artworks of Jimin in the past, which can be seen on their Instagram account.

In another exhbition in Birmingham, England, Jimin was featured as the muse of a modern painting. The painting talks about how K-Pop impacted the artists’ life and explains how they chose Jimin to represent the K-Pop genre.

People believe Jimin has become a muse for numerous artists due to his unqiue aura and talent as a performer.

There has also been art modeled after Jimin in Korea. Kim Ho-Sung painted Jimin in modern-day hanbok covered with fans, an artwork based on Jimin’s performance in the 2018 Melon Music Awards.

Source: Naver