BTS’s Jimin Believes In The Importance Of Expressing Yourself To Others

What a sweet human being.

BTS‘s Jimin has showed time and time again throughout his journey with BTS the importance of expression. He has always been honest with his members and fans and have shown his true self. He believes that by expressing your true feelings, you will not only be able to understand yourself, but also help others.

“Instead of trying to do something for me, just being able to understand me through even just one word was what I really needed. That one thing was all of you.”

“Of course I am not able to understand everything because I’m not good at English, but when I read the comments through a translator I am able to see when someone is having a hard time. I then think to myself, “What would this person really need right now?””

“I started off with nothing in the very beginning, but now I have all of you next to me.”

“In the beginning, there weren’t that many of you, but because you all continued to listen to our music and support us, those words and messages gave us a lot of strength.”

“That is why I think we were able to be where we are today. So I plan to try and make everyone that helped us get to where we are now, even more happy.”

“I thought about this a lot. Honestly, I’m not sure how much of an influence we can be to someone, but as long as we are able to, I hope to continue to try and be an influence to everyone.”

He also states that sad emotions can arise if you don’t say anything and express yourself.

“Even if you are someone really close, if you don’t say anything, I will never know. This is how sad emotions can come about.”

Instead of being sorry, he hopes to express himself more.

Knowing that there is still a lot of time ahead of him, he hopes to continue to express his feelings even more.

In his album thank you message, he also expresses his gratitude and love for his members.

To my members. Just thank you. I know I shouldn’t take you all for granted but I keep doing that. I can’t imagine not having you all here with me. I just wish to stay with all of you for a very long time. So I will try my best to do even better. Thank you always and I love you.

What kind of person is Jimin?

Jin: He is someone that always smiles. Every time I am saying something; he is always by my side smiling as if what I’m saying is fun. My jokes won’t reach the light if there isn’t someone there to laugh at it. Thanks to Jimin I am always able to say all my jokes. I am really thankful for Jimin’s existence.

V: Jimin is my best friend. Whenever I have a dilemma, Jimin’s answers and advice always gives me strength. Jimin is the most good-hearted person I have ever met.

RM: Although he is younger than me he feels like an adult. I think his mind is very mature. I am always shocked at the way he speaks and his word choices. He is really relatable and I always feel like I’ve been healed when I am with him. He really has a healing effect. Thank you Jimin for always being by our side.

What word makes you happy?

Jimin: Hyung, when I say “I love you” what do you say?

J-Hope: What’s funny is that every time he says “I love you” he wants us to say :I love you too” back. He says that’s what makes him happy.

Jimin: I love you.

We love you too Jimin!