BTS’s Jimin Cutely Teased Suga, But He Looked Ready To Fight

Yoongi said, “Square up,” with his eyes.

BTS performed a special concert in collaboration with Good Morning America, and ARMY noticed a funny interaction between two members.

Jimin had been playing around by waving his hand in front of Suga‘s face. After lowering his hand, he got Jungkook‘s attention for his next move.

He touched Suga with a light tap and quickly looked away as if nothing happened.

Suga’s attention had been focused elsewhere, so he was jolted by Jimin. He shot him a blank look that said he was ready to fight over his little joke.

But, he took the time and place into consideration. So, he readjusted his earpiece and simply looked away.

Suga is known for his many facial expressions. And, Jimin was only being his playful self.

There’s only love between them, and these photos of Suga holding onto Jimin that very same day prove it. The fact that they can play around the way they do just shows how close their relationship is.