BTS’s Jimin Danced So Hard He Ripped His Pants While Filming For “ON”

He ripped this performance…literally!

BTS recently released their “ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima online and amazed fans with their passionate performance. With fans busy streaming the video, they soon began to take notice of Jimin‘s pants throughout the video.

They were able to figure out that his pants ripped due to his super powerful dance moves. Fans weren’t complaining though! This just proved just how hard they worked to create high quality and flawless performances for their fans.

It shocked fans even more that the pants Jimin had ripped cost a whopping $5800.

source: jimin’s closet

Take a closer look by watching the clip below.

Another video that was a BTS focus version showed that his pants were already ripped and that it ripped even more in the actual music video.

Some fans didn’t realize this until later of after seeing the video multiple times.

Ripped pants come as no surprise considering just how hard-working and passionate they are for their music and their fans. Take a look at the final product of their efforts through the video below!