BTS’s Jimin Gets A Call From Jin During Live Stream And Their Conversation Is Too Cute

BTS’s Jimin makes another appearance through live stream!

On March 30, BTS’s Jimin turned on his live stream and chatted with fans for about an hour. Previously, he mentioned in his broadcast that he would come back soon for another live stream and it looks like he kept his promise! During this live stream he answered fans’ questions, held a little mukbang, and chatted with a few members on the phone.

In the middle of his broadcast, he received a phone call from member Jin. Jimin decided to play around and act like he was a cleaning service. Jin denied the offer instantly so Jimin asked him, “Then how about a greeting for ARMY?” An awkward silence followed and Jimin thought he had hung up the phone.

Jimin let Jin know that he was doing a live stream and that fans wanted to know what the other members were doing. Jin revealed that he was in bed but Jimin reminded him that he had to be back at the office in an hour. Upon hearing that, Jin changes his story and says he’s right in front of the building now. Jimin tells him to please check the schedule from now on about upcoming meetings.

Jin asked if they could eat together but Jimin let him know that he had just eaten while talking with fans.

Jin tried to persuade him to eat again and told him to change clothes so no one knows that he is eating again or showing the same thing to ARMYs.

Another awkward pause followed when Jin suddenly said, “I love you Jimin.”

Jimin answers, “I love you too” and the phone call ends.

Jimin ends his live stream letting fans know that he will do another one next week. Keep a look out for his next broadcast!