BTS’s Jimin Gives His Version Of The Famous “Dumpling Incident” With V

Here is his side of the story.

On March 26, BTS’s Jimin held a live stream to chat with fans and update them on what’s been going on with him lately. While answering questions from fans, he received the question about the famous “dumpling incident” between him and V.

He states that he can’t tell the whole story but that he can say that it was in fact about dumplings and although there isn’t much to the story, it was a very important problem to him.

He admits that he is really embarrassed to talk about it because the story itself was really nothing crazy. The main point of the incident was whether or not to eat the dumplings before practice or after practice. Jimin took the side of eating after practice while V was for eating the dumplings before practice.

Both of them couldn’t back down and so the other members told them to go outside and figure things out. However, they continued to fight and say the same things over and over again.

After some time, the hyungs called them back into the practice room and sat them both down to try and get to the bottom of the situation. Jimin stated that they continued to fight about this for about 4 hours before they just all went home with nothing figured out.

Jimin revealed that the two of them met up separately later and had some drinks and came to terms with each other, thus, ending the dumpling incident.

Looking back on it now, Jimin thinks of this incident as just a fun story that they can look back on.

Jimin felt that because they were such good friends and the same age, there was a sort of pride that got in the way of them being true to one another such as saying “I’m sorry” or “thank you.”

After several years of little fights here and there, they were able to mature and understand each other better and have become comfortable with one another.


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