BTS’s Jimin Injured His Knee While Performing, But He Handled It Like A Pro

He didn’t let a minor injury interfere with the show.

Even top performers like BTS‘s Jimin suffer injuries on stage, but he wasn’t about to let a little blood stop him from putting on an amazing show!

On November 23 and 24, BTS celebrated their 5th Muster with ARMY in Chiba, Japan. During Day 1, fansites captured Jimin’s apparent knee injury on camera.

Since video footage from the show is limited, it’s unclear when exactly Jimin scraped his knee.

His pants were unripped during “Pied Piper”…

…but a small hole can be seen by the time BTS performed “Boy With Luv”. Many fans, however, didn’t even realize Jimin had scraped his knee. It didn’t affect his performance at all!

Thankfully, the injury appears to be minor, and ARMYs are confident that Jimin will heal quickly. After all, he’s a pro!