BTS’s Jimin And Jin Once Did A Heartwarming Surprise Event For Lee Hyun

It’s heartwarming, as well as hilarious.

BTS and Lee Hyun share quite the relationship, where they care for each other deeply, but also love joking with each other. Jin and Jimin decided to give Lee Hyun a visit when he was preparing for his performance.

As heartwarming as the event was, the three couldn’t help but be playful with each other. It begins with Lee Hyun questioning Jin’s message.

Even when Jin and Jimin start congratulating Lee Hyun on his comeback, Jin adds a comedic effect by singing informally to Lee Hyun.

Lee Hyun initially thought that Jin and Jimin came to eat, which Jin and Jimin just laugh at.

Lee Hyun was also extremely thankful for their gesture.

Jin and Lee Hyun have another funny conversation, where it involves how Lee Hyun is going to eat the cake.

When it’s time for Jin and Jimin to leave, they are reluctant to go. They tease their manager by giving excuses on why they can’t leave Lee Hyun.

Right before Jin leaves, he can’t help but be more playful with Lee Hyun.

Here is the full video below!