BTS’s Jimin Hints At Holding A Live Stream In The Near Future Through Message On Weverse

He will be meeting with fans soon.

BTS‘s Jimin stopped by Weverse to thank fans for their never-ending support. In light of all the events that have happened due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), BTS and fans have continued to cheer each other up through these hard times.

Jimin posted a cute picture of himself with the caption, “I really really love and miss all of you.”

He also posted several messages to fans letting them know how much he misses them.

“Truly. I miss everyone. Of course all of you are missing us too. We will work even harder to show our best to everyone. Thank you always.”

He left another post revealing that in order for all of us to be happy that health comes first. He also hints that he will be holding a live stream very soon.

You know what. We are happy when we see each other. But all that can only be possible if we are healthy and not sick. Right? I truly wish that we will always be happy and healthy. We will always have times of hardship and not everyone may understand us. But I hope that we can help bring a even a bit of happiness to all of you. Thank you always and I will see you all in a live stream very soon. Thank you always.

He ended with one last post proclaiming his love for ARMY.

“I love youuuuuuu.”

Both BTS and ARMY are continuing to support one another during these hard times in hopes for better days. The meeting between artist and fan will be even more meaningful after overcoming a tough time.