BTS’s Jimin Made A Funny Mistake In English And Now It’s A New Phrase

It was so cute it couldn’t be a mistake.

During one of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour dates, BTS‘s Jimin made an adorable mistake.

He tried to tell the audience how special the concert had been to him, but it didn’t come out quite that way.

Instead of saying “I will never forget today,” he said, “I will never today.” Immediately after saying it, he realized his mistake and corrected it. But, that didn’t stop him from tapping himself on the cheek and hugging Jungkook for support.

ARMYs found the mistake so adorable they’re saying it wasn’t a mistake at all. It was simply the new way to say the phrase.

Jimin has been working on his English skills, and part of that process is making mistakes and realizing those mistakes. What do you think of his new phrase?