BTS’s Jimin To Be The Music Project Manager For Upcoming Album

Who’s excited for this new album?

On May 1 KST, BTS’s Jimin held a short yet informational live stream through their official YouTube channel. Jimin is the next member after RM and Suga to hold a live stream as part of their #StayConnected series.

Jimin opened by revealing that their next album will be self-produced by the members and that they chose project managers to be in charge of different parts of the process. Jimin revealed that he was chosen to be the music project manager. “I was chosen to be the music project manager by Suga’s strong recommendation. Suga hoped that I would grow and become closer to music through this experience. I am thankful for his support.”

In terms of how the album process will go through, he stated that although he doesn’t have the full layout yet, he will continue to work hard and be of help to everyone to the team.

My job as music project manager will be to figure out how the group wants to work, what types of stories they want to tell, how many songs they want to do, what concepts they want to do for the songs, how the layout of the album will be and who will be suitable for certain parts. My job is to be able to communicate all of these ideas to the company.

The group also recently gathered together to discuss all these matters. Jimin showed his computer screen of all the members’ ideas and opinions written down. He was working on adding more opinions received by members afterwards to the document before sending the e-mail. “There’s a sense of pride and accomplishment when organizing our ideas and words for the agency. I will send it now.”

He states that his job isn’t actually that hard and that his main focus is communicating and relaying the information between the agency and the members. He also found it surprisingly fun organizing the materials.

Are you ready for this new album?