BTS’s Jimin Wore A Pair Of Sunglasses And Now He’s Displayed In Their Shop

Jimin King.

We all know the power of BTS‘s Jimin when it comes to selling out items. A fan posted photos of Jimin’s picture displayed at a Stephane Christian sunglasses store and gained much attention from fans.

The photo display featured Jimin’s name, dubbing these glasses as the ‘Jimin’ sunglasses.

“I want this (Jimin photo display) more than the sunglasses itself.”

Aside from the physical displays in the store, they also used photos of Jimin and used him name on their official website as well.

And of course, just like the powerful king he is, the sunglasses were also seen sold out on the site.


Stephane Christian have shared photos of Jimin wearing these specific sunglasses in Bangkok on their official Instagram before as well.

While some aren’t sure if the brand has received permission to use these photos, one thing is for certain: BTS Jimin’s power is unstoppable. Anything he wears or does becomes instantly sold out, proving his world class brand power.

Jimin has also been recognized by other famous brands including Gentle Moster as well as Manomos. He was also recognized by luxury brand Celine as they shared a photo of him wearing their brand.

Fans are always ready to see what Jimin will sell out next!