BTS’s Jimin Has A Rare Skill That Few Entertainers Have Truly Mastered

This skill is nearly impossible to perfect, but he’s done it.

BTS‘s Jimin is a top tier singer and dancer, but he has an additional skill that is notoriously difficult to perfect.

In the world of entertainment, stage presence is key and entertainers strive to enrapture their audiences by using flawless…

…facial expressions. This is much easier said than done. Even the best performers in the world, like Beyonce, struggle to control their expressions 100% of the time, which means that cameras capture them at some truly, uh, unflattering moments.

Fans have noticed, however, that it’s nearly impossible to take a bad photo of Jimin when he’s performing.

Even when he’s flying across the stage doing BTS’s high-energy choreography…

…or making faces like this…

….he looks like he’s modeling for a photo shoot!

Thankfully, Jimin also takes off-stage selfies like this one to remind us all that he’s still human!