BTS’s Jimin And RM Try Making The Famous Dalgona Coffee Together

BTS try the famous Dalgona coffee!

BTS‘s Jimin invited RM as his special guest for a live stream as they made the famous Dalgona coffee drink together! Jimin thought about what kind of content he should bring to the fans and decided to try one of the trending items.

Although the instructions for the drink is quite easy, the stirring portion was much harder than they thought. The recipe for Dalgona coffee is equal parts sugar, instant coffee, and warm water. Just whisk into a thick meringue like texture and pour it on top of milk. If the mixture stays afloat, you have succeeded!

Once they began to stir the concoction, they realize that this might have been a mistake, considering how hard it was to make the right consistency.

To lighten up the mood, they played fun songs in the background. They also recommended fans to listen to their song “Coffee” as they sang along to it.

Take a listen to their song!

They lost all their strength after making the drink that Jimin even revealed that he hasn’t rebelled against Jungkook these days either because he was so weak.

Regardless, they succeeded in making the coffee and made the conclusion that it was ok to try and make it once just for fun!

They ended their quick live stream with a cute ending of ‘Minimoni’!