BTS’s Jimin Scares Fans After Intensely Performing “MIC DROP”

People hope he isn’t overworking himself.

BTS‘s “MIC DROP” is known for its intense and difficult routine and it seems everytime Jimin dances to, he upgrades it.

There is a specific part that Jimin always seems to go hard with, and that’s where they shoot finger guns at the audience. After, they fall to the ground.

Every performance he gets more and more intense, falling to the ground even harder and even more recklessly.

Fans think he took it a little too far during BTS’s performance in the Lotte Family Concert. When he executed the move, he fell to the ground, hitting his head. Though he didn’t seem bothered, fans are worried that he is overworked or injured.

Now that BTS is on break, fans are hoping that Jimin will take care of his health, with many worrying that the way he executed the move is due to his fatigue.

Jimin, let’s stay healthy without any injuries. The stage was great but please don’t do overdo it.

– Korean Netizen


Source: TheQoo