BTS’s Jimin Taking Care Of TXT Is The Older Brother We All Need

They are truly family.

During the KBS Song Festival, BTS and TXT both performed great stages for their fans. Jimin let loose his sexy charisma with his hair let down and glasses.




During the end of the show, idol members exchanged bows with other groups that performed that night. Fans could see BTS comforting and supporting TXT through hugs and pat-on-the-backs.





During this time, Jimin goes up to TXT’s Taehyun and gives him a big hug.





He then proceeds to hand over his mic to him, telling him to say anything he wants.





Taehyun’s eyes lit up as he was given an opportunity to say something to the fans.





He took the mic and said, “Merry Christmas” in a cute way.




Jimin looked at Taehyun as if he was looking at his younger brother and smiled. He then gave Taehyun another hug, before heading off stage.





Fans were touched that Jimin took the time to take care of TXT and allowed them to communicate with their fans.





Watch both groups’ performances below!