Jimin and V Are So In Sync It’s Like They’re One Person

They spend pretty much their entire lives together, so it’s no surprise that Jimin and V have even started to move in sync!

The BTS  members are all great friends with each other, but within the group, Jimin and V are especially close, so much so that they are often caught doing things in synchronization!

While most fans seem to think that their synchronization only proves what good friends they are, some are calling them soulmates!

Check out these moments where Jimin and V were totally in sync!

They’re so in sync it’s as if they practiced!

They shared this impromptu dance moment!

They don’t even have to say anything to match up!

They are perfectly in sync!

Even their clapping is perfectly in sync…

They’re always spotted moving at the same time!

Best friends who get each other are friends forever!