BTS’s Jimin And V’s Phone Conversation Is How We Talk With Our Best Friends

They are truly best friends.

On March 30, BTS‘s Jimin held a live stream with fans and had a fun time eating food while chatting with ARMY. Fans asked about the other members so Jimin called V who was playing games with fans. When V picked up the call, he answered with, “Yeah,” in which Jimin commented, “He never changes,” implying that he always answers his calls like that.

V explains that he held a quiz and the fans that answered it correct were able to play games with him. A total of 16 fans answered correctly and was able to play with him. V then asked Jimin to see if he can try to answer the quiz questions correctly too.

Jimin says he will see him in a bit and V gives a bit of TMI by saying, “Ok I’m not going to wash up and just come.”

V also agrees to do a live stream with Jimin next time before they hang up.

Before the end of his live stream, V makes a surprise call to Jimin and acts as if he is a telemarketer from SK Telecom, one of Korea’s biggest wireless carriers.

He acts as if Jimin is his last customer before he quits tomorrow and lets him know that he has to pay 98000 KRW (~$800 USD) otherwise he can’t use his phone.

Jimin laughs at V’s role playing as he lets him know that if he pays double his payment, he will be able to receive a speaker as well. After Jimin asks, “Why would I pay double for the speakers?” V hangs up the call and the prank ends abruptly.

After the live stream ended, the hashtag #SKTelecom was seen trending at number 17 in Korea due to V’s role playing prank.

The relationship between Jimin and V are exactly how we like to interact with our best friends irl too! That’s why we love the bond that these two have together!

Watch the full live stream below!