BTS’s Jin And KNK Park Seoham’s Interactions Are Friendship Goals

They are long-time friends.

BTS‘s Jin is known for always taking care of his younger members and is sometimes even known as the ‘mom’ of the group. Jin, however, takes care of not only his younger members but also other junior idol group members as well. Being in this industry for a long time, he has built many friendships with other idol group members. Here’s his cute friendship with KNK‘s Park Seoham (previously Park Seungjun).

A past Instagram post showed BTS’s album with a message that was sent to Park Seoham. The funny message on the front makes it quite obvious who wrote it.

“To Park Seung Jun. Live your life being loyal to me forever. The moment you receive this album you are my slave and you will serve me. If you don’t want to then don’t take the album.”

The caption for the post reads, “I shouldn’t have taken the album…”

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[승준] 받지말걸…😢 #크나큰 #KNK #승준 #SEUNGJUN

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Park Seoham also thanked Jin for coming to his event to support him.

“Thanks for coming all this way to see me hyung. I love you.”

Jin also posted the same photo on Twitter with the message, “Fighting to KNK’s Seungjun for holding their debut showcase today. You know I usually don’t take bare-faced selfies right. Be thankful for the rest of your life.”

Although now deleted, they had several more interactions posted online before as well.

This photo is when Jin bought Seoham sushi while he was participating in the show MIXNINE.

He also received a present from Jin to congratulate him on his debut.

“Thank you for the present Seokjin-ham!”

It has also been revealed that Park Seoham was a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee before debuting as KNK. Although photos of them don’t come up frequently, it’s great to see both of them doing well in their careers!