BTS’s Jin Believes Shoes Are Mankind’s Greatest Invention

Shoes are something to be grateful for.

On February 4 KST, a fan posted a message on the app Weverse and received a response from none other than BTS‘s Jin.

In the fan’s post, they left a message to the group sending them energy. “Oppa cheer up! Here take some energy!” 

They also posted a picture of Jin during a practice session while in the states.

Jin then replied to the post with this:

Shoes are the greatest invention of mankind. Be thankful to the sandals from Egypt (I just looked this up online).

Fans who saw this post left messages asking Jin to come and visit Egypt sometime too!

The original poster also edited their post after reading the response from Jin.

“+omg what is going on! Seokjin oppa have a good rest on Tuesday for your glowing skin. ARMYs have a good day too!”

“+Which way is it to Egypt? I will bow a hundred times in that direction.”

“+I will open my own shoe factory for you. Unlimited supply of shoes for BTS!”

We all know just how hard BTS works for their performances and their new “Black Swan” choreography was not easy considering they had to perform barefoot on stage. ARMYs are always grateful to the boys for coming back with new and fresh concepts with each album they release.