BTS’s Jin Brings In Record Viewership For “Law of the Jungle”

BTS‘s visual Jin brought in the ratings for Law of the Jungle with his good looks and humor.

According to Nielsen, SBS‘s Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado peaked at a viewership of 18.4% — the most in the history of the show. This was in part due to an intense moment where the entire crew was asked to build a raft and spend a night on the open sea. The members of the team not only built the boat, they safely brought it to land too. Jin can be seen building the boat paddles and lightening the mood by cracking jokes and even jumping off the raft! The boat ride featured the show’s creator Kim Byungman, and Sleepy.

Jin’s looks immediately put the fans at ease while all of the cast members seemed to be enjoying themselves.

And while their boating experience was a bit grueling…

It also appeared to be a blast!

Source: Star News