BTS’s Jin Answers Fans’ Question Regarding Whether Or Not He Cut His Own Hair Again

Jin tells all.

BTS’s Jin turned on a live stream on April 8 for a beloved Eat Jin session with fans. Eat Jin is a mukbang style show that he started himself by showing how to cook different meals. He later began eating food during live streams to connect with fans.

During the live stream, an ARMY asked if he had cut his hair by himself with scissors like last time. He confirms that he had his hair cut by a hair stylist this time.

He took this opportunity to praise himself because if people thought he had cut it himself, that must mean he has similar skills to the professionals!

Jin explains the reasoning behind his hair cut in that he had originally planned to cut if before the Seoul concerts to surprise ARMYs with his new haircut. Unfortunately, due to the cancellations of the Seoul concerts, he wasn’t able to go through with his surprise event.

He then decided to wait to cut his hair before the U.S. concert but that plan backfired after hearing that the U.S concerts were postponed. He decided that he couldn’t wait any longer and ended up getting it cut by a hair designer.

Below are his recent Tweets revealing his new hair cut!

Our Seokjinnie looks beautiful no matter what hair style he rocks!