BTS’s Jin Keeps Wearing Funny Glasses On Their Love Yourself Tour Stages

He keeps surprising us with his funny antics.

Jin from BTS is well-known for being one of the funniest and most creative idols around, he first showed glimpses of his extra personality with his cooking blog and later with his ‘Eat Jin’ mukbang show. In addition, he’s also very devoted to his fans, something he likes to show mainly, at BTS concerts.

Back in April of 2017 he surprised his fans at the Honda Center in Anaheim, US, with what would be the first “Heart Event” of the 2017 WINGS Tour. He made a tiny heart with piece of paper and placed it on his chest.


The heart events didn’t stop there, he continued to make these events throughout the Wings Tour.


Fans wondered if he would continue this trend in their upcoming tours, but he decided once again to surprise them. In their Love Yourself 2018 Tour BTS’s Jin started wearing cool looking shades that made fans swoon at every tour stop.


But they got more and more extra with each passing concert:

At the Hong Kong dates this month he really made a mission to wear the weirdest and goofiest sunglasses.

Like these red ones:


And, of course, the googly-eyes ones.

And he did not disappoint for the following night of their Hong Kong dates, he went big and appeared on stage wearing the Disco Ball Sunglasses. They were a huge success with the rest of the members.


For the last night he dug a treasure and came up with these pirate-inspired pair of shades:


Let’s hope he keeps doing these little but extremely enjoyable surprises for his fans.


The “Love Yourself 2019 Tour” is coming to an end soon, with their two Bangkok dates (April 6 and 7) being the last ones.