BTS’s Jin Broke Weverse While Waiting For A Response From V

The power he holds.

On May 17 around 2 AM KST, BTS‘s Jin posted a photo to Twitter and revealed to fans that he was kicked out of Weverse and that he didn’t know what went wrong.

“I think I’ve been kicked out of Weverse…please let me know if I’ve done something wrong- Jin”

Taking a look at Weverse, we can see what possibly could have led to Jin being kicked out of the online app. It starts with Jin leaving a post asking for a comment from V.

While he waits for V to respond, he shares a photo with fans.

He continues to wait for V’s response by making another post.

As Jin continues to standby, J-Hope enters the app and both Jin and J-Hope leave replies to fans’ posts.

RM then makes his appearance and also shares pictures from his photo album.

J-Hope and Jin both leave comments on RM’s photos and Jin requests RM to pay royalty for copying his previous post.

RM promptly leaves a reply and pays Jin the “money.”

J-Hope leaves a comment as to why everyone isn’t sleeping yet…

…and the three of them end up having a full-blown conversation in the post as if they were texting each other!

Fans began to post through social media that they were having a hard time accessing the app as fans from all over the world began to sign in to see all the notifications from the members. It looks like Jin’s post waiting for V’s response took a whole new turn and ended up having a conversation with the other members, causing the server to shut down due to an overwhelming number of users being online.

The funny thing about this incident is that V never actually came back online to respond to Jin’s post! The power Jin holds with just one post on Weverse truly shows his worldwide handsome status.