BTS’s Jin Once Hilariously Dissed RM Out Of Nowhere

RM wasn’t even there.

BTS‘s RM and Jin have quite a relationship, where some fans even view them as the parents of the group.

On an episode of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Jimin discussed how difficult of a time he had regarding his training days. Jimin also denies any claims that he was a popular dancer in his hometown.

Jin comments on just how humble of a person Jimin is, as well as commenting on how he’s quite the opposite.

Jin also tells the cast members just how confident of a man he truly is.

The cast members were curious about Jin’s first thoughts of Jimin when he got accepted to a trainee, and Jimin quickly interrupts.

Jin denies Jimin’s claim, and jokingly reveals that Jimin’s fan will come after him if he says any more.

While on the topic of dancing, Jin says that he doesn’t consider himself a good dancer. He also unexpectedly brings RM into this conversation, where he hilariously disses his dancing skills as well.

Jin even views RM as his eternal rival.

Jin even goes more in-depth on how the two need extra time to learn choreographies.

The two even have the same reactions when getting help from Jimin and J-Hope.

Here is the full video below!