BTS’s Jin Once Had Quite The Experience Trying To Get A Phone Call With The BTS Members And Bang Si Hyuk

Is Jin upset, angry, or both?

BTS have demonstrated their close bond multiple times and view each other as family members now. 

A funny situation once occurred when Jin was doing a solo V Live and received a call from Jungkook.

Jungkook gave quite the savage response to the audience regarding Jin’s ability to do broadcasts.

After this phone call, Jin decided that it would be fun to call the other members of BTS. He started his luck by trying to call Suga.

Jin was struck by reality once Suga didn’t pick up for his call.

Jin decided it would be fun to try and call Bang Si Hyuk, who is the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment.

Jin was again ignored and showed disappointment that no one was answering his calls.

Jin tried his luck again and attempted to call Jimin. This however led to the same result and Jimin didn’t pick up.

Jin was just in disbelief now and was wondering why absolutely nobody was answering his calls.

Jin eventually tried calling J-Hope and finally got someone to pick up the phone.

Jimin was also with J-Hope and Jin wanted an explanation for why Jimin didn’t pick up earlier. Jimin’s phone wasn’t working at the time and had connections problems, so he didn’t even receive a call from Jin.

Here is the full video below!