BTS’s Jin Once Wore The Same Outfit As Jimin And The Reason Why Will Have You In Tears

This is what you call a genuine relationship.

A photo of BTS’s Jimin and Jin resurfaced on online community boards as fans were reminded of a sad yet touching story about these two members’ outfits.

The poster revealed that they wore same outfits at a concert while on tour after finding out that Jimin had received death threats from sasaengs. An ARMY that saw them during sound check was able to see them dressed alike during the practice session.

Jimin and Seokjin wore very similar outfits and even wore the same Tom Ford sunglasses. I think they dressed the same due to the situation about Jimin. It seemed like Jin was willing to risk it in order to protect Jimin from anything that might happen. They were dressed so similarly that it was hard to tell who was who. I can’t imagine what Jin was thinking in order to do this for Jimin. This is more than just trying to protect him. It showed just how genuine their relationship was for each other.

-International ARMY who attended sound check

It was reported that the person sending the death threats didn’t just threaten through words but also posted photos of their concert seat ticket to show that they would be there.

During a press conference, Jimin received a question regarding this incident and revealed that he didn’t want to worry the fans as they had been waiting for their comeback for a long time. Fans that saw him act like everything was okay was heartbreaking to see because they knew just how scared he must have been on the inside.

Fans who remembered this incident still can’t forget the day this happened and were thankful that nothing happened.

The obstacles and hardships that BTS has faced throughout the years is unimaginable to think about just by looking at how they are doing them now. Their strength in being able to overcome these situations and continue to get on the stage is all because of their loving fans.

Same Fit, Different Vibes