BTS’s Jin Reveals The Group’s Secret To Looking Young, And It’s Not What You Think

That’s Jin for ya!

BTS’s Jin is always up to help answer any questions ARMYs may have about the group or about life in general. Jin took to Weverse and answered a fans’ question regarding a picture of Suga.

The post read, “What’s your secret? 2016/2020.”

The two photos that were posted along with the message showed two different photos of Suga, one being from 2016 and the other from 2020. What the fan can’t figure out is why these two photos look almost identical to each other despite being taken four years apart.

Jin clarified the photos with a straightforward and quite easy answer.

“The trick is to use the same photographer.”

While others may have anticipated a more realistic answer such as a magical skincare routine or exercise, Jin never fails to give fans a good laugh out of his witty and fun responses.

Jin himself is known to be someone that never ages, considering he looks just the same as he did when he debuted. The only thing that seems to change for Jin is his age!



I think it’s safe to say that we can always count on Jin to answer all our burning questions!