BTS’s Jin Saw J-Hope Was Sick And Left Him This Sweet Gift

Small yet sweet gesture.

During BTS‘s time in the United States, member J-Hope started feeling under the weather during their tour. His throat was in pain and he was feeling under the weather.

As the oldest member, Jin expressed his sadness over seeing his dongsaeng sick, emphasizing with his member and saying that it breaks his heart to see the usual cheerful member so down.

To cheer him up, Jin left J-Hope an RJ doll so that he can relax. He then left quietly to let J-Hope rest. Though the gesture is small, it is heartwarming.

Once again, ARMYs are reminded of how great Jin’s personality is and how warm his heart is. Many also note how Jin always brings his toy RJ on their trips, so to lend it to his members proves that he trust them with his belongings.

He’s the best person I’ve ever seen. He is an angel. An angel.

– Korean Netizen


Source: TheQoo