BTS’s Jin Is An Unbothered King When It Comes To Price Tags On His Clothes

We respect his style.

BTS‘s Jin is known for being the king of leaving price tags on all his fashion items and he does so with the utmost confidence.

As Jin once said, “You don’t understand the hip-hop culture. You’re supposed to leave the tags.”

In his most recent live stream with Jimin and Suga, fans once again took notice to the price tag on his shoes.

As fans we all know that this is nothing out of the ordinary and that he has always left his tags on his clothes for as long as we can remember.

Fans also figured out that the shoes Jin was wearing was a Fila X Philip Lim collaboration shoe!

The price of the shoes are HK$768.00 ($~99USD).

But to be honest, he totally kills it dancing with the price tag on! Let the king do as he pleases!

Watch the full live stream below!