BTS’s Jin, Suga, And Jimin Had Their Jackets And Shoes Off By The End Of This Dance Session

Fans are blessed!

On April 27, BTS‘s Jin, Suga, and Jimin turned on a live stream and had more content ready for their fans. During this time of quarantine, BTS knew that many fans would be at home practicing social distancing. In order to stay connected with fans in someway, they decided to release lots of content with fans and share what they have been doing during these times. This trio decided to play Let’s Dance through their phones and showcase their dancing abilities with fans.

During their almost 40 minute live stream, the trio danced to a total of five songs, ultimately knocking them down from the strenuous workout.

They started off the game with a song by ABBA to warm up.

They moved onto a song with a bit more funk with “Havana” and showed off their sexiness.

Suga requested they do “Happy” for a more upbeat song next.

Fans were pumped after seeing them dance to “Con Calma” by Daddy Yankee.

Jimin asked for a more difficult dance routine and ended up doing “Rasputin” as their last song.

Can you spot the difference between the beginning and end of the live stream? They all started with their jackets and shoes on, but by the end of it, they were all in their t-shirts and Jimin even barefoot!



Six million people ended up watching these three dance their hearts away during this live stream.

They concluded the live stream by letting fans know that they would be having jjajangmyun (black bean noodle) for dinner. Jimin posted a photo through Weverse as promised, to show their dinner to fans.

Watch the full live stream below!