BTS’s Jin’s Jaw Line Is Sharp Enough To Cut, Here Is The Proof

Sharp enough to cut!

BTS‘s Jin is well-known as the group’s Worldwide Handsome, and many of his features have been praised. Well, add this one to the list, because Jin’s jawline is sharp enough to cut!


Many agree that Jin’s side profile looks cool and manly and that it only further enhances his manhwa like features.


When he smiles, his cheeks are puffed up, and he looks adorable, but when he’s serious, the sharpness comes out at full force.

Many ARMYs agree that his face has no bad angles; whether front-facing or side-view, he is exceptionally handsome. How can someone be born with a look like that?

His face is truly art… It’s an art of the nose, lips, and his chin.

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo