BTS’s Jungkook Can’t Seem To Contain Himself While Watching TXT’s Peformance At The MMA 2019

Jungkook is a proud dad.

We all know BTS Jungkook‘s love for TXT and it has been proven once again at the 2019 Melon Music Awards. Videos of Jungkook singing along and jamming out to TXT’s performances have been flooding the internet. Here are some cute clips of Jungkook supporting his juniors like a mom would their kids.





Cheesing and clapping like there’s no tomorrow.



He even knows all the dance moves for their songs.



Here he is asking the crowd to cheer louder for TXT.


TXT is also known to look up to BTS with the utmost respect as fellow idols. Here’s a clip of TXT’s Taehyun looking at his idol Jungkook.



Here’s a full close-up reaction cam of Jungkook watching TXT’s performance!

Source: theqoo