BTS’s Jungkook Has A Cute Habit That He Does With His Nose When He’s Laughing

Only true-blue ARMYs would point out what Jungkook’s nose habit is when he’s laughing.

ARMYs call BTS‘s Jungkook as the group’s bunny because of his adorable features: he looks like a cute bunny that you just want to cuddle with and feed carrots to while you’re touching its whiskers, right?

In addition to his squishy facial features and cute teeth, did you know that Jungkook has an additional charm that makes him give off bunny vibes more?

It’s a habit that you can see whenever Jungkook smiles or laughs out loud.

Take a look at the following pictures to find out what it is.

Is it the way he puffs out his face when he’s laughing, so it makes you want to reach out to the screen so you can grab it and pinch it as hard as you can?

How about the way his lips spread out so cutely? Do you think his laughing habit may be related to this?

Now, if you think it’s the way his eyes twinkle so brightly when he’s laughing, you can consider yourself observant enough, but that’s not the right answer.

Look at his pictures again — there, do you see it? Or are your minds filled with thoughts about how shiny and clean Jungkook’s teeth are?

Do you give up? We’re talking about Jungkook’s adorable nose scrunch habit, of course.

ARMYs love how charming he looks like when his face is smiling and his nose is scrunched up with delight.

So the next time you go to a fanmeeting with BTS…

…make sure you have a really hilarious joke that will make Jungkook laugh out loud.

Who knows? You may be lucky enough to get to see this 8th wonder of the world first-hand.