BTS’s Jungkook Is The Definition Of Hard Work And Was Destined To Be With ARMYs

Jungkook and ARMYs are forever.

With the recent release of BTS‘s new docu-series BREAK THE SILENCE, ARMYs cannot stop crying after listening to the interview of Jungkook talking about the future. In the clip, he wonders who will be beside him when the fame fades. He hopes that he can talk with ARMYs and ask them if they were great and what they thought about them during their time in the spotlight.

Jungkook is truly a hard-working and talented artist that focuses on his craft entirely for his fans.

After his live stream, he went through with his word and gifted fans with many, many new seflies.

No matter how hard and how tired he is, he is able to get back up again because of ARMYs.

His mindset of always thinking this is his last performance helps him put on an amazing show.

Everyone knows just how hard Jungkook performs on stage. Even during rehearsals he puts in his best efforts!

Back stage is a part that fans don’t see often, as they don’t want to worry fans with how hard they worked on stage.

This is what BTS wants fans to see: a fun and exciting performance.

For a tour that lasts for over a year, it’s hard to do rehearsals for solo stages each time. But Jungkook always does rehearsals. I always remember him because he is the last one to do rehearsals.

-Han Eun Young, director

Even just a small mistake that fans most likely didn’t see is enough to make Jungkook break down in tears, thinking he didn’t do his best for his fans.

But he continues to push through and give a better performance each time.

To ARMY. The hot summer has passed and the cold winter is here. I am writing this letter from Finland. With winter approaching I’ve become more emotional so I’m just gazing at the sky thinking about random things. Of course I think about ARMYs the most. Do you all think about me a lot too? Whenever I think about ARMYs, I am filled with many precious memories. I hope that when you think of me you also think of special memories too. I will do my best! Don’t be sick! I love you.

To the people that support me…I will continue to show different sides of me for as much as you support me. So that you don’t leave me.

Jungkook, 2016 interview

JK: “I will always be here in the same place. ARMYs can come and go as they please. If you miss me you can come and if you have to go it’s okay to leave. But please remember this, I will always be in the same place.”

ARMY. I am so annoyed and sad that there is no better word to say thank you that it makes me mad. Can someone’s heart be like this. The love I’ve received from all of you is overflowing that I probably won’t be able to receive any love in my next life. I may sound like I’m going overboard but I’m really not. I know I always say this but if it weren’t for you all we wouldn’t be here today. I want to be an influence to someone and be your forever singer. So I can never let you go. If we grow apart, I will come close to you. I don’t know how exactly but I will do my best to never lose you. Thanks once again and I love you.

I think we all know just how much Jungkook loves his fans without even having to ask. Jungkook was truly born to be with ARMYs!