BTS’s Jungkook Designed A Shirt While Thinking About ARMY And It Was Beautiful

His love for ARMY is overflowing.

For their fifth Muster Magic Shop, BTS were ready to show ARMYs new things. And, one of those things were t-shirts they had designed themselves.

And, Jungkook wanted to show how much he was thankful to ARMYs with a special design. He wrote the word “ARMY” above the numbers “613” and his initials “JK” below.

He used their debut date June 13, 2013 , their fandom name, and his own name to signify how it was all connected. To top it off, it was all written inside an artistically shaped heart to show its importance and how ARMY was in his own heart.

When he explained the details that went into it, he finished it off smoothly with, “ARMY, love you.”

BTS appreciates their fans, and it’s little but impactful things like this that make them rally around their boys.


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