BTS’s Jungkook Doesn’t Give Jin A Chance After Boxing With A Toy Hammer

Jungkook loves playing around with his hyung.

On March 23, Big Hit Entertainment revealed a short clip of BTS‘s Jin and Jungkook playing around on set. In light of the current situation around the world, it’s nice to receive videos and content from the boys to cheer everyone up.

It’s so cute to see that the oldest member and youngest member can have such fun with just a toy hammer.

Jungkook holds up the hammer while Jin punches it like a pro boxer.

Jin realizes later how much it hurts if you hit a wrong part of the hammer.

Jungkook analyzes the hammer to see which part it was that hurts.

Jungkook tests it out himself by punching the hammer while Jin is still crying in pain.

But as soon as Jin takes the hammer, Jungkook starts to walk far away from him.

Jungkook puts on a smile of satisfaction as he avoids punching the hammer.

Jin continues to follow Jungkook asking him to punch the hammer too.

After seeing that Jungkook won’t budge, Jin hits him lightly with the hammer, knowing that he has lost this battle.

We all love these cute interactions between members and it’s always fun to see how Jungkook can get away with anything from his hyungs!

Watch the full clip below!