BTS’s Jungkook Has An Encouraging Habit That Shows His Love And Support For His Hyungs, As Caught On Camera

He does this to show his support, every time one of them is talking during an interview.

As the maknae of BTSJungkook is known to have cute habits that millions of ARMYs find adorable.

What makes this habit more squeal-worthy is the fact that he always loves to do it with his hyungs around him.

ARMYs notice that whenever the group has interviews, Jungkook loves to show his love and support for the person who’s talking by giving them a neck massage.

Jungkook loves doing this to the members as a way to encourage them whenever they’re talking.

Take Jin, for example. He felt flustered about being complimented by the host, but when Jungkook massaged him, he looked invigorated and started to play along.

He does this several times to several members such as Jin and during interviews.

When they’re not being interviewed, Jungkook’s favorite person to massage is either Jimin or Suga. Look at how focused he is on massaging Jimin’s neck here.

Jimin’s sore muscles don’t stand a chance against Jungkook’s strong hands.

Even savage Suga becomes a soft puddle of joy whenever he’s massaged by their youngest member.

We’re giving an A+ to Jungkook for his effort, even though the result wasn’t as satisfactory for Suga.

Jungkook’s habit of massaging his hyung‘s necks during interviews is one of the many things that fans love about him.

The boy has got his priorities straight, after all.