BTS’s Jungkook Has Even Captured The Hearts Of Kindergarten Students

Music has no limits.

A Tweet posted by a teacher who is an ARMY went viral online after she posted a video of her Kindergarten students watching a video of BTS Jungkook’s “Euphoria.”

The video clip below reveals her students recognizing Jungkook and singing along to his song while watching the video. When asked who he is, the student replies, “It’s Jungkookie,” melting the hearts of all ARMYs watching the clip.

The teacher revealed that this song has become their “national anthem,” proving that both teacher and students are both true ARMYs!

ARMYs that watched the clip couldn’t help but smile at the cute reaction of the students.

DJ Swivel, who has been revealed to have worked with BTS for their new album, also replied to the video of the students!

DJ Swivel has revealed that he has co-written two of the tracks on BTS’s new album with one more secret that he has yet to reveal.

It’s moments like this that prove that music has no boundaries in terms of listener or language and can be enjoyed by people of all ages all over the world!