BTS’s Jungkook Makes A Surprise Appearance On RM And J-Hope’s Live Stream

What a nice surprise!

On April 23, BTS’s RM and J-Hope came on live stream to have a fun arts and crafts time with friends. They prepared a lot of different stickers and fabrics in order to customize their ARMY bombs. They explained that they saw all the amazing customized ARMY bombs posted by fans and decided to try it out for themselves.

After finishing their light sticks, they came to the realization that this was much harder than it looked and that they truly respected all those fans that customized amazing ARMY bombs.

Towards the end of their live stream, Jungkook made a surprise entrance and shocked viewers who were tuned in.

At the end of the show, Jungkook came over again and said goodbye to the fans along with RM and J-Hope.

Fans were so happy to see Jungkook and everyone doing well even if it was for a quick moment. Fans are thankful to see the members of BTS trying their best to communicate with their fans despite all the things happening in the world right now.


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