BTS’s Jungkook Fixed A Habit In Just 3 Days For His Fans

Old habits are hard to break but not for Jungkook!

Now we all know just how hard it is to fix a habit, let alone an old habit! In Korean, there is a proverb that states “a habit you have at 3 years old will go with you until you’re 80.” The English expression for this would be “old habits die hard.”

These idioms and proverbs weren’t created for no reason. These expressions prove just how hard it is to break an old habit and that without strong will power, it would be almost impossible to change.

| theqoo

But for BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook, he was able to break an old habit in just 3 days. Jungkook, who is known for his overflowing love for ARMYs, was able to change his habits for his fans.

His bad habit was his improper use of chopsticks! In a past live stream, a fan praised Jungkook for his great chopstick skills. To this, Jungkook admitted that he worked hard to change his old habit of using chopsticks to the correct way. His past method of using chopsticks was made by making an ‘X’ shape when holding chopsticks.

Although his chopstick skills in no way got in the way of eating food, he felt that he would become a bad influence to the younger fans and made up his mind to fix his habit.

While some might think what the big deal is, it’s actually much harder than you think to fix the way you hold chopsticks.

| theqoo

In Korea as well as other Asian countries, using chopsticks is something we do on a daily basis. So for Jungkook to fix a habit that he’s been doing for roughly 20 years in just three days is a big deal.


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