BTS’s “Jungkook Hyung” Left A Note For TXT To Cheer Them On

He does whatever he can to give them strength.

On the recent episode of One Dream.TXT, TXT‘s Beomgyu walked into their hotel room to see tons of post-it notes on the wall that hadn’t been there before.

And, there was even a hidden one included from someone special.

They had been notes left by fans to cheer them on. So, Beomgyu called the rest of the group to see it and finally noticed one note in the center. It read: “Fighting! Jungkookie Hyungie!”

They couldn’t believe that their senior BTS‘s Jungkook had left them a note and had to confirm it. And, he had indeed taken the time to write something that would give them strength.

BTS really takes care of their kids, and TXT were extremely thankful for the support. Check out Jungkook’s thoughtful note and the sweet moment when TXT found it here.