BTS’s Jungkook Just Being The Best Papa Kookie For Baby Cooky

BTS love their babies!

Earlier in March, BT21 announced that they would release baby versions of BT21.

On March 5 KST, they dropped the #BT21BABY collection and had fans UWUing with joy.

Fans who visited the LINE store to purchase the collection were greeted with autographed photos and messages from the members. These signs are hung at the Gangnam LINE store in Korea.

Jungkook, aka Papa Kookie, left a sweet message to fans that read, “Please love our Cooky! Cooky, I hope you grow up strong and well. I’m always supporting you. I love you!”

Jimin‘s message read, “I hope you are full of happiness.”

J-Hope‘s messages reads, “Mang! You are forever BT21’s Hee-MANG (hope)! Fighting!”

RM left his signature and wrote ‘Koya’ in cute font in the corner.

V‘s message reads, “Tata is someone who wants to send happiness to everyone. Tata will work very hard to bring happiness to everyone so please love him a lot.”

Suga‘s message to Shooky reads, “Shooky, just grow up healthy!”

Jin‘s message reads, “RJ, I really like you. I hope you will always be happy. I love you RJ.”

How can you resist something this cute?