BTS’s Jungkook Looks Manly And Mature In Newly Posted Photos

“Jungkook is ALWAYS handsome.”

On October 9, BTS‘s Jungkook posted two selcas of himself on the official BTS Twitter account.

It was captioned:

I will go and come back well.

– Jungkook

In the photos, he appears to be seated in an airplane, on his way to Saudi Arabia for their Speak Yourself concert scheduled for October 11.

Wearing a gray sweater and black cap, ARMYs unanimously agree that he is drop dead gorgeous.

Jungkook is always handsome, no matter where and when.

– Korean Netizen

While some believe that Jungkook looks different, one thing is certain: he is still a stunning visual.

Jungkook is so handsome ㅠㅠㅠㅠ And people who don’t know anything say that this is not the face they know, but I feel Jungkook looks more handsome now.

– Korean Netizen

In related news, the Speak Yourself concert in Riyadh will be held in King Fahd International Stadium on October 11.